Silly City Folk – This is not a tractor!

May 18, 2014 by

Apparently if you plan on having land in this area tractors are a must. Not only can you clear shrubs you can also plow your roads, lay down gravel, grade your slopes and do a zillion other important things that you need to survive here.

We don’t have a shed to store our tractor yet and a tractor really also means that we better get ready to do tons of work. Since we’ve been working on something every day since we’ve arrived, the thought of adding to that list just feels exhausting and daunting!

So, we have this instead!


canam top view


It’s called a Can-am Side-by-Side. It’s not just for play but is meant to be both for fun and a work horse, it has a pivoting bed for dumping loads, a winch, and we have a plow attachment as well! It’s manageable enough that I could plow our roads in the snow myself. And it’s FUN!

After test driving three different brands, this was the cream of the crop. It’s one of the most comfortable rides you’ll experience, more comfortable than most of the cars out there which will make the ATV parks and bumpy trails not as horribly uncomfortable for me. The back roads in this area are so plentiful with access to lakes and vistas for picnicking that having a toy like this to explore is a must.


Not a bad spot for a picnic!


canam lake view


Needless to say our neighbors think we’ll end up needing a tractor here real soon and think we are silly city folk. Wouldn’t you know it, our neighbor bought a side-by-side two weeks later!  With the things I have planned for the property we surely will need a tractor! But, in the meantime we moved to the country to enjoy and we look forward to sharing the fun with our guests.


can am with a view


canam back view



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