Oh Deer

May 12, 2014 by

“There are two types of people who live here, people who have hit a deer and people who are about to hit a deer.”

– My Father in Law

We have an abundance of deer in the area, there are signs everywhere for deer crossing. The most that I spotted once was literally a dozen on the way home one dewy evening. Yesterday I drove past my first roadkill on the way to the market since we have moved. Our neighbor in over 35 years of living here has (luckily) only hit seven between he and his wife. That’s one every 5 years between the two, not too bad right?

We have a herd of 3 deer that live in the area, there used to be four but I don’t know what happened to the other one. It’s nice to go out onto the deck and see them walking around foraging or sleeping. There’s a small uphill spot that they have actually worn out, they traverse it so often. I’ve named them Manny, Moe and Jack. Of all of the random threesomes out there these names are what popped into my head! They are probably not even male deer anyway. Sometimes they don’t seem frightened at all. Either that or they are dumb and think they can’t be spotted.

Here’s one that doesn’t seem to mind our presence.

Deer not running post

At some point we would like to go hunting, it’s a common activity in this area. But, supposedly once the season begins there are some folks that sometimes will shoot animals within their own property. I don’t know how I feel about this, rationally I can’t be upset if I am willing to hunt (and not be a vegetarian, and love leather), it’s hypocritical. But, I’ve already named my herd and you aren’t supposed to name your food. One of our neighbors is known to shoot around their house if it’s toward the end of the season and they haven’t had much luck out there. Here’s hoping that my Manny, Moe and Jack can survive the upcoming season unscathed.

Can you spot them?
Deers Hiding


Here, I will help you!

Deers Hiding Found

UPDATE 5/30/14

Good bye Jack.

A few days ago Bear wandered off in the morning and came back with a deer leg. Two days later he brought home the other one. I was concerned it was one of my trio. I think so for sure now, as now only two seem to come in the evening. It must have been the coyotes.  I will surely be more cautious with the dog at night.


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