Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014 by

I’m missing out on one of my favorite holiday weekends, Mother’s day weekend! I loved putting together a brunch or setting up a luncheon for my mom, something to make her weekend feel special. Two of her four children live out of state now, so trying to collect us all at once is going to start being a bit of a challenge. But I was able to ship out a little care basket for her that she received on Friday, it’s the least I can do and my siblings made her a nice brunch…but if you think about it, how much is ever enough for what you can give back to your parents?

I decided many years ago that the job of a Mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world and a job that I really don’t believe I’m patient enough to do – so to all of the mothers out there – I hope you have a blessed and amazing Mother’s Day!

This video sums it up just beautifully (thank you Beth for sharing the link!):

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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  1. I thought that video was the greatest description of a job nobody would sign on for if they heard those credentials…and yet, all the mothers did. Good picture of your Mom too, Lily. She looks very sweet.

    • Thank you Beth, I will share the sweet compliment with my mom. The video had me cracking up, especially as the job title was what I just left behind I was so curious until the end!

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