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Sep 30, 2013 by

I’m so excited my new gardening / rain boots have arrived!  Before getting our house I used to trek around the woods in a pair of leather Uggs, they took quite a beating and are still holding up even with the puppy bite in them. They are great but only water resistant, after a few days in the snow would spring a leak and needed to be dried out by the fire and definitely not made for gardening but I would bring them everywhere they were so versatile.

Brown Uggs Bomber

I needed a pair of proper gardening / rainboots.  I did some research, thank goodness for Amazon and their reviews. I found these adorable and highly rated boots, made in the USA – SLOGGERS.  I don’t generally like to purchase shoes online because of my oddly shaped duck feet (seriously I can tie shoelaces with them!) but got really lucky, they are SO comfortable!



There were so many designs to choose from I settled on a classic black and white polka dot.  I can’t wait for the next rain, they will look so fun with tights and my new Skhoop skirt and raincoat my sister got for me.

What is your favorite season specific gear functioning gear?

Note – this Sloggers post is *not* an advertisement, I just highly recommend them!

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