Country in the City – Mason Jars

Sep 25, 2013 by

I think it’s so neat to see traditionally country items going mainstream or making their way into the city.

There are many items that just scream ‘country’ to me.  One is definitely the Mason Jar. It signifies so much– growing, harvesting, canning, all done at home. It’s so fun to see country things going mainstream!

My first non jelly encounter was when I went to Idaho to meet my father in law a decade ago. He has a collection of mason jar cups. I thought were just so fun!  I even drink wine out of them!

They are getting really popular for weddings too!  A friend of mine used black lace and candles for her old Hollywood themed wedding.


Awesome Idea Credit: A Glimpse of Violet Hills 


My sister used similar cookies in a jar ideas for party giveaways – though I’m not sure who has made any yet

Jar gift recipes

Awesome Idea Credit: Bakerella


And they use them at restaurants to serve desserts.


Awesome Idea Credit: French Toast and Wine


There are slews of DIY and crafts about them that could entertain the kids through so many winter storms!  Visit these sites for amazing ideas:

Country Living

Mason Jar Crafts Love

Put it in a Jar

One Little Project

Wholesale Arts & Crafts Goods at!

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