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Growing up in Southern California it is pretty gross thinking about drinking water straight from the tap.  There’s a public campaign saying that the water is very clean and many people who have tested the water say it’s just as clean if not cleaner than bottled water but I still can’t bring myself to drink any without filtering it.  We don’t want to drown the world in water bottles (or drink any chemical seepage), so we get water delivered which isn’t very cheap.

One of the must have’s I wanted for the new country house was a private well, no hauling buckets required!  We also have amazing water filtration system too.  I’m beyond thrilled to not have to pay for drinking water anymore and enjoy clean fresh, great tasting pure water straight from the tap.

Here’s a snapshot of the filter system in our house’s “control room”.  The piping is pretty sophisticated, each hose represents a pipe and has its own shut off valve so there’s no need to shut off the entire house if you need to manage any plumbing!

Water Filter

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  1. wilma

    Well water tastes, feels and smells very different from regular tap water. Totally love it. The only bummer for me is that I have no water when there is no electric. Continue with getting the water tested as you should & make sure you own the water rights. :)


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