Cooking – Breakfast Risotto & Crispy Brioche French Toast

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My family went out for brunch today to celebrate my sister’s 33rd birthday.  I prefer to order things from restaurants that I can’t make easily at home.  We had such amazing food today I wanted to research some recipes to try to recreate them at a later time.

This restaurant is known for their Brioche Crispy French Toast. The bread was light and buttery, we ordered two servings to share for the table on top of our regular food!

Crunch Brioche French Toast

Here are some similar recipes I’ve found that look just as great!

Brioche and Crispy Crunchy French Toast - By Sasha’s Cookbook

Boozy Baked Brioche French Toast – By  scrumpdillyicious

Brûléed French Toast - By Poires au Chocolat


I have to say, I love rice, it’s my go to comfort food.  But above that, I love bacon more.

This breakfast risotto was outstanding – bacon, pesto, rice, poached eggs – I can’t wait to recreate this!

Breakfast Risotto

I was able to find a couple of similar recipes but will definitely share what I am able to recreate!

Breakfast Risotto with Bacon and Poached Egg – By We are not Martha

Breakfast Risotto – from Epicurious

Bacon, Egg and Leek risotto – by Smitten Kitchen

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