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I’m not one to freak out over spiders.  I once went to a weekend retreat and dormed with a girl I had met for the event who was ridiculously afraid of spiders.  She saw one in the bathroom and came out shaking and hyperventilating, of course I had to kill it for her. Apparently her boyfriend was the same so between the two of them they are pretty worthless when the little creepy critters show up.  They are both vegans so also don’t like to kill anything, except for spiders go figure.  Hilarious.

Before even thinking of sleeping at the house, we needed to treat the house for spiders.  We are in the woods after all and these guys are all over the place.  I don’t mind them being where they need to be so long as they aren’t inside.  After a good spraying around the perimeter and openings we stocked up on some traps. Nothing says “Welcome” to visiting guests like 2 spider traps in each room!

The area is known for these little guys, they only get to be about 3 inches – no big deal.

Giant House Spider

giant house

Hobo Spider


Wolf Spider



But let me just say, I have seen nothing that matches the craziness of the bugs in Australia.  I have no idea what this is, but definitely worth sharing, this thing was huge and looked taxidermied it was so large!

Australia Spider

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